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Getting started with Histoire


Histoire is the French word for "Story" and is pronounced /is.twaʁ/, like "is·twar"

Histoire is a tool to generate stories applications (or "books").

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Histoire is an Open-Source project supported by our sponsors - thank you!

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Supported frameworks

Vite currently supported versions:

  • 2.9+
  • 3.0+

Vue →3.2+✅✅🏗️
Vue →2.7+✅✅🏗️
Svelte →3+✅-🏗️
React-- (Alternative)--

*Support means the following is available:

  • Collect and render stories
  • Render controls pane content with state sync
  • Builtin controls wrappers
  • Static source

*Auto-CodeGen: Generates copiable source code dynamically from the current story state. Generally requires a Virtual DOM.

*Auto-Docs: Generates documentation and controls automatically by analyzing the imported components.


If you have questions or need help, reach out to the community at Discord and GitHub Discussions.

Released under the MIT License.